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mookait australien
Mookait 2200
€140.00 *
mookait kaufen
Mookait 2000
€55.00 *
Mookait Rohstein aus Australien
Mookait 1800
€83.00 *
Mookait Rohstein aus Australien
Mookait 2600
€70.00 *
Mookait Rohstein aus Australien
Mookait 2400
€140.00 *
Mookait natur aus Australien
Mookait 1650
€230.00 *

Mookaite is an Australian stone with parts of opalite, chert and jasper

The name Mookait comes from the Aboriginal name of the Mooka Ranch in Western Australia.

Its colours are created by finely dispersed iron oxide compounds, which are similar to the original

sedimentary rock.

Mookait shows intertwining areas of white, beige-yellow, ochre and

brick red colour.

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