Shiva Lingam

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Shiva is a Sanskrit term and means translated "fire" or "light".

Shiva represents the masculine power, which is enlivened by the feminine energy (Shakti).

Lingam means "column" or "tower".

Shiva Lingam accordingly stands for a "pillar of fire".


The form of the Shiva Lingam symbolises the invisible, unmanifested creative power.

The feminine energy is represented by the red markings in the stone and

given by the origin of the Shiva Lingam.

Thus the Shiva Lingam unites male and female energies in itself.


The Shiva should be placed at a place in the house that allows it to have a good "overview".

It can stand well in a bed of sand or in a support that gives it stability.

This mount strengthens the feminine energy of his otherwise very masculine form in a balancing way.


From this place the Shiva Lingam radiates its energy.

If one meditates regularly with the Shiva Lingam,

it absorbs the energy and radiates it again.

In this way he becomes a valuable companion on the path to the inner self.

Whenever one needs the uplifting effect, one can hold the Shiva Lingam with both hands

and touch the area of the heart with it or hold it between the eyebrows.

 The Shiva Lingam come from the holy river Narmada in India

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