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Amethyst Druze Amethyst Geodes

There are occurrences in Brazil, Uruguay, Madagascar, Russia and Sri Lanka.
Such amethyst crystals are mainly found in cavities, in hydrothermal veins and in volcanic rocks.

Frequently found in trade are also so-called
Amethystdrusen, in which the crystals within
The most beautiful druses usually come from Brazil and can be as tall as a man.source Wikipedia

Amethyst got its name from its sobering effect
(greek: amethyein = keep from drunkenness)
Amethyst forms crystals that are rarely larger than 3 cm and sit on tooth-like roots
This leads to the formation of a crystal lawn in bubble cavities of volcanic rocks, the so-called druses
Amethyst is a classic gemstone and healing stone, which due to its small crystals, large
processing forms is very rare and expensive.
Our fantastic Amethyst Tip Lamps are rarities
Amethystdrusen have a cleansing and liberating effect in rooms


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