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New arrivals are Lapislazuli balls and freeforms, gemstone balls in different kinds of stone, boulder opal rough stones, Yowah opals and boulder opals, polished turquoise pendants Arizona, precious stones, Crystal skull mini, rutile quartz ball, rock crystal balls extra clear, amethyst crystal tips polished, rock crystal steps EXTRA, gemstone lamps, laser / lemuric crystals, maraba amethyst and and and,

Emerald specimen, Celestine - Crystal specimen / Geodes A - Quality, Agate bookends, Amethystdrusen,

Gemstones and minerals that we bought on our last shopping trips and are now gradually being put online
Gemstone pendants from our own production rare rough stones and various minerals gemstone unique specimens.

We are abroad several times a year to select the best and most beautiful gemstones on site.

Welcome at our shop! Outside our opening hours it might take a little bit longer until we answer yourinquiry.
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