Virgo zodiac sign August 24th - September 23rd

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Birthstone for Virgo born 24 August - 23 September

Amethyst: peace, spirituality, intuition
Ametrin: cheerful serenity, fulfilled existence, optimism, joy of life, well-being
Aquamarine: endurance, discipline, lightness, calmness
Azurite: knowledge, experience, awareness, self-knowledge
Amber: Power and prosperity
Chalcedony: presence of mind
Charoit: energy, determination, composure
Chrysoprase: Trust, security
Citrine: Courage of life, self-confidence and warmth
Gold Topaz / Topaz Imperial: Self-esteem, commitment, drive
Hematite: Progress, commitment, vitality, strength, dynamism
Heliotrope: demarcation, control
Jade: balance, self-realization
Jasper: Consistency and confidence, willpower
Carnelian: Courage, overcoming, steadfastness, energy
Lapis lazuli: truth, sincerity, dignity, sociability, friendship
Opal: naturalness, cordiality, humor, zest for life
Rutile quartz: hope, liberation, vastness, freedom
Ruby: Passion, Joy of life, Bravery, Virtue
Sapphire: mental power, acumen
Sodalite: Awareness, idealism, truthfulness
Tiger eye: View, distance
Tourmaline red: Liveliness, sociability

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