Birthstone twin May 21st - June 21st

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Birthstone Zodiacal Stone

Gemini: May 21 - June 21

Agate: Relaxation and security
Apophyllite: liberation, openness, sincerity
Aquamarine: endurance, discipline, lightness, calmness
Rock crystal: clarity and purity of mind
Amber: Power and prosperity
Chalcedony: presence of mind
Citrine: Courage of life, self-confidence and warmth
Celestine: relief, stability, structure
Goldtopas: self-esteem, commitment, drive
Garnet: Assertiveness, perseverance
Jasper: Consistency and confidence, willpower
Carnelian: Courage, overcoming, steadfastness, energy
Moosachat: liberation, awareness, communication
Sapphire yellow: Recognition, insight, understanding
Tiger eye: Perspective, distance,
Tourmaline: calm, resistance, protection
Turquoise: balance, sense of reality, protection

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