Geburtsstein Steinbock 22. Dezember – 20. Januar

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Capricorn: 22 December - 20 January

Agate: Relaxation and security
Rock crystal: clarity and purity of mind
Bernstein: Strength and prosperity
Citrine: courage to face life, self-confidence and warmth
Chalcedony: presence of mind
Diamond: power of concentration
Dumortierit: helps to take life easier
Garnet: Assertiveness, perseverance
Hematite: Progress, commitment, vitality, strength, dynamics
Jasper: Consistency and confidence, willpower
Lapis lazuli: truth, sincerity, dignity, sociability, friendship
Malachite: feelings, dreams and wishes
Moonstone: intuition, depth of feeling, rhythms of nature
Moosachat: liberation, awareness, communication
Morganite: makes you considerate, helps you take responsibility
Obsidian: dissolution, awakening, consciousness, clairvoyance
Onyx: Wisdom and Serenity
Smoky quartz: relaxation, self-conquest
Sapphire: mental power, acumen
Sodalite: awareness, idealism, truthfulness
Sonnenstein: Optimism, directs attention to one's own strengths
Tourmaline green: gratitude, interest in people and environment


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