Birthstone Fish 20 February - 20 March

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Fish: 20 February - 20 March

Agate: Relaxation and security
Amazonite: Mood balance, fate
Amethyst: peace, spirituality, intuition
Aquamarine: endurance, discipline, lightness, composure
Rock crystal: clarity and purity of mind
Citrine: courage to face life, self-confidence and warmth
Diamond: ability to concentrate, imperishability, integration
Fluorite: free spirit, wealth of ideas, order, dynamics
Garnet: Assertiveness, perseverance
Jade: balance, self-realization
Jasper: Consistency and confidence, willpower
Carnelian: Courage, conquest, steadfastness, energy
Kunzite: Humility, empathy, tolerance
Lapis lazuli: truth, sincerity, dignity, sociability, friendship
Moldavite: freedom, vastness, knowledge
Moonstone: intuition, depth of feeling, rhythms of nature
Opal: Naturalness, cordiality, humour, joie de vivre,
Rose Quartz: Sensitivity, Compassion
Sapphire: mental power, acumen
Emerald: finding meaning, harmony, justice, recreation, regeneration
Sodalite: awareness, idealism, truthfulness
Sugilith: consistency, strength,
Turquoise: balance, sense of reality, protection

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