Labradorite gemstone chain

Labradorit Halskette mit Bergkristall
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Labradorite gemstone necklace Labradorite necklace with rock crystal and hematite... more
Product information "Labradorite gemstone chain"

Labradorite gemstone necklace

Labradorite necklace with rock crystal and hematite is a stylish piece of jewelry that combines elegance and functionality.
This necklace was carefully designed to highlight the beauty and healing properties of the gemstones it contains.

stones used: labradorite rondelles faceted approx. 10 x 15 mm, rock crystal, hematite
Closure: metal magnet 14 mm, rhodium plated
Total length of the gemstone necklace: about 45 cm,
Stringing material: on stable and supple juvelier wire

The main stone, labradorite, is known for its fascinating shimmer and iridescent colors.
Each labradorite stone in this necklace has been specially selected to offer a harmonious mix of colors and textures.
Labradorite symbolizes protection, intuition, and transformation and adds a deeper meaning to the necklace.

The necklace also contains rock crystal, a clear and pure gemstone known for its energetic properties.
Rock crystal amplifies the energy of the other gemstones and brings clarity and harmony to your life.
It symbolizes purity and clarity of mind.

The third gemstone, hematite, adds an extra element to the necklace.
Hematite is a dark, shiny metallic stone that symbolizes grounding and strength.
It can help you achieve your goals and ward off negative energies.

The necklace features a convenient magnetic clasp that makes it easy to put on and take off.
The magnetic clasp is not only practical, but also adds a stylish detail.

This labradorite necklace with rock crystal and hematite is both a fashion accessory and a tool for spiritual and energetic alignment.
It can help you find your inner balance, strengthen your intuition and harmonize your energy.

Wear this necklace in everyday life or on special occasions,
to express your personal style while benefiting from the positive properties of gemstones.
It also makes a great gift for someone who appreciates the beauty and energetic properties of gemstones.

Enjoy the magic of the Labradorite Necklace with Rock Crystal and Hematite and be enchanted by its beauty and powerful radiance.

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23 Mar 2019

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