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bergkristall engel
Rock crystal angel 133
Rock crystal angel Rock crystal guardian angel This guardian angel was handmade height approx. 12 cm large, wingspan approx. 8 cm unique piece - you buy exactly this pictured guardian angel made of rock crystal
€69.00 *
Bergkristall Herz 10 cm
Rock crystal heart unique 1
Rock crystal heart unique 1 Size about 10 cm You buy exactly this pictured rock crystal heart This large rock crystal heart from Brazil is a stunning work of art made from naturally grown rock crystal. It is a beautifully cut and...
€75.00 *
Amethyst Crystal Druze Heart 2
Amethyst in heart shape with fine crystals Size: approx. 9 x 10 x 3 cm Origin: Uruguay This piece of amethyst druse is cut in a heart shape. with natural lower part In the place you will assign this amethyst heart, it will not only be a...
€59.00 *
bergkristall brasilien
Rock Crystal Level XL 1
Rock crystal step extra large Gemstone: Rock Crystal Shape: Natural crystal Origin: Brazil Size of the gemstone: about 30 x 22 x 22 cm, weighs more than 8 kg Color: transparent - clear Usage: collector's item, decoration object, energy...
€162.00 *
Meteorite Pendant
Meterorite pendant from Campo del Cielo, Argentina ca. 25 mm big with eyelet The meteorite pendant from Campo del Cielo in Argentina is a unique piece of jewelry made from a real meteorite. Campo del Cielo is a famous meteorite crater in...
€18.00 *
Schungit Pyramide groß 10 cm Kantenlänge
Schungite Pyramid 10
Schungite Pyramid polished This large pyramid made of schungite with an edge length of 9 cm is intended to protect against electromagnetic radiation emitted by computers, refrigerators, televisions and other appliances. The Schungite...
€59.90 *
bergkristall doppelender
Rock Crystal Double Ender Unique 1
Rock crystal double tender single piece You buy exactly this pictured rock crystal double enders as grown, only very tenderly re-polished Material: 100% natural rock crystal Shape: Double end, pointed on both sides, polished Size: length...
€35.00 *
orca achat ei
Orca agate egg
Orca agate gemstone egg from Madagascar Mystical orca agate egg in dark blue-gray with the typical white orca spots. Expand your collection with an exquisite Orca Agate egg from the renowned mines of Madagascar. This unique collectible,...
€39.00 *
bergkristall spitze
Rock crystal tip no. D
Rock crystal tip solid, naturally grown rock crystal tip, which has only been lightly repolished and has a straight base hexagonal base area: approx. 4 x 3 cm, height approx. 6 cm Origin: Brazil You will receive exactly this pictured...
€25.00 *
amethyst aus uruguay
Amethyst Druze piece No 82
Amethyst druse from Uruguay The amethyst is completely natural. Gemstone: Amethyst Shape: Natural crystal Origin: Uruguay Size: approx. 8 x 7 x 5 cm Color: violet Such amethyst druse pieces are often used for unloading and loading of...
€120.00 *
Amethyst Druse Piece No 84
Amethyst Druze piece from Madagascar The amethyst is completely natural - with a polished agate layer Such amethyst drusen pieces are often used for unloading and loading healing stones and stone chains. Size approx. 6 x 5 x 4 cm You are...
€20.00 *
amethystdrusenstück Uruguay
Amethyst Druze piece No 79
Amethyst Druze piece from Madagascar Piece of amethystdrusen from Madagascar completely natural - as if grown with a polished agate layer all around Size approx. 9 x 8 x 3 cm Such amethyst drusen pieces are often used for unloading and...
€22.00 *
amethystdrusenstücj uruguay
Amethyst Druze piece No. 89
Amethyst Druse Piece from Madagascar This delicate lilac-colored druse piece is natural and original, the agate edge has been polished You can also use this amethyst druse piece to regenerate your healing stones and stone chains Size...
€12.00 *
versteinerte holz kugel
Petrified wood ball
Gemstone ball made of petrified wood in a top quality This ball of petrified wood has a diameter of approx. 6.5 cm Origin Madagascar About 300 million years old You buy exactly this shown ball made of petrified wood Petrified wood stands...
€88.00 *
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